Kundi Bracelet Preorders

Preorders for Kundi bracelets are now being collected. Kundi bracelet is an energy retaining device which was designed for establishing mental connection with the universe and connection among the tribe members. The miracle bracelet diffuses Kundi message to the world. There are 2 versions of the bracelet available: ordinary, made out of leather with Kundi sign laser engraved and one… read more ››


Social Kundi WordPress plugin

Social Kundi is the most powerful, simple and elegant wordpress social sharing solution. It adds Facebook Open Graph meta tags to your blog and allows you to call simple function from you template files, which places sharing functions on your blog (Facebook, Twitter and Google + 1). Unlike the other WordPress social-sharing plugins it requires minimal options to be set… read more ››


Kundi Blog Purpose

Why bother with blogging, Kundi asked himself one day during a conversation with himself. There are always millions of reasons which can be found and brought up by mind to excuse the passivity and override the creativity that lives in the human soul. This approach has been practiced and it did not give any results or satisfaction to us. The… read more ››