Social Kundi WordPress plugin


Social Kundi is the most powerful, simple and elegant wordpress social sharing solution. It adds Facebook Open Graph meta tags to your blog and allows you to call simple function from you template files, which places sharing functions on your blog (Facebook, Twitter and Google + 1).

Social Sharing

Unlike the other WordPress social-sharing plugins it requires minimal options to be set in order to work. It does not support social sites, which won’t have any effect on your site.

Social Kundi Configuration

If you want to have a long list of time-consuming, unnecessary set of options with loads of other features to be set, such as setting social sharing sites, icon sizes, colors, positions and so on, then this plugin is not suitable for you.
Social Kundi is intended for effective social sharing and it was carefully designed to be plain and simple.


  1. Install the plugin: place it in the wp-content/plugins folder
  2. Set up the options in Settings ›› Social Kundi
  3. Call social_kundi(); from your template file(s), where you want to place the buttons

To add a sharing toolbar, simply call the social_kundi(); function anywhere in the template files.
Usually it is placed in the single-post.php file under or above the content() function.