Kundi Blog Purpose


Why bother with blogging, Kundi asked himself one day during a conversation with himself. There are always millions of reasons which can be found and brought up by mind to excuse the passivity and override the creativity that lives in the human soul. This approach has been practiced and it did not give any results or satisfaction to us.

The idea by itself is an abstract concept, which can develop and transform itself into the form state.

When the mind is programmed properly, it can grow and transform ideas into forms.

When ideas transform into words, they get closer to action-step taking. They get read by other human minds and they get spread into the World of open-eyed minds, which manifests as a result of today’s humankind communication achievements and connectedness.

When the sculpturing occurs, the ideas shape and influence surroundings in the environment.

The purpose of Kundi blog is not to ask yourself what the fuck is this and what is the purpose of it, but to express and inspire technical aspects of life, art, space and time. To spread the ideas around the World with love to technology and art in harmony with other living beings.

We believe that properly designed human mind can produce infinitive capacity of living power and love to move the planets around the universum.